The Port has a wide variety of experience and features to meet your transload needs. Port equipment can move commodities up to 86,000 pounds per unit, with plentiful indoor and outdoor storage. These features along with modern infrastructure give the Port of Montana distinction as a Burlington Northern Sante Fe Premier Transloader and Union Pacific NetEx Certified Transload Facility.

The Port’s Transload and distribution infrastructure will assist your company with transfer of freight efficiently and securely. The Port has experience transferring a wide array of commodities including lumber, fertilizer, steel, automobiles, metal ore, and liquid magnesium chloride.

Port of Montana enables customers to

  • Receive trucked products and commodities and transfer to rail
  • Transfer rail shipments to trucks
  • Make truck-to-truck transfers
  • Load and store products and commodities from rail cars to truck for Just-in-Time delivery
  • Pick-and-pack

On-site support includes

  • Truck scale
  • Rail scale
  • Rail car storage
  • Crane/forklift capacity to 86,000 lbs
  • Rail loading ramp
  • Inventory control
  • Sampling
  • Document preparation and coordination
  • Order fulfillment