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"In 1994, Butte partnered with Advanced Silicon Materials to assist with locating a new polysilicon and silane gas facility within Montana Connections. As part of this development, Butte invested over $40 million in roads, gas, electrical and water services that are now available to every business locating their operations at Montana Connections."  Kristen Rosa, Economic Development Coordinator

Economic / Site Development

 The Port of Montana is an anchor tenant in the Montana Connections Business Development Park - a 1,200 acre mega industrial park strategically located at North America's north/south and east/west crossroads. Montana Connections Business Development Park offers several advantages including favorable industrial zoning, well-planned infrastructure, and access to major national and industrial markets. It is the only location in Montana offering immediate access to two major interstates and two Class One railways and connections to markets throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Montana Connection's experienced team will help to identify your land needs, connect your company with public and private partners, help to identify financing alternatives, and expedite licensing and permitting with the local government to help establish your business' operational foundation in Butte and the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, this location offers your company eligibility to apply for tax increment financing, state programs for construction of infrastructure development as well as local and state grants, interest rate write-downs, and low-interest loans.



Land - 1,200 acres of land with large lots for industrial development.

Interstates – the strategic intersection of I-90 east/west and I-15 north/south is located leaa than 2 miles from Montana Connections Business Development Park and the Port of Montana.

Railroads – the Port is the only location in Montana served by two Class I Railroads.

Electricity – Three phase power is available along the major thoroughfare and is connected to all available sites. For larger power customers, affordable power supplies can be negotiated.

Gas – A 6-inch service line is in place to meet gas needs for current and future developments.

Water – Industrial water is available through a municipally-owned water system, with an available capacity of 9 million gallons.

Waste Water – served by a 14" waste waterline operated by the City-County and is connected to a publicly owned treatment facility.

Financial Assistance – Montana Connections is a Tax Increment Financing District. As allowed by state law, funds are available to developers to assist with deveop-related infrastructure costs.


For more information:
Kristen Rosa
Economic Development Coordinator
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