Foreign Trade Zone

The Port of Montana is the only Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) General Purpose Warehouse within a five-state radius in the western region of the United States. Foreign Trade Zones are designated areas within the United States which are considered to be outside the U.S. customs territory. FTZ designation means foreign goods can be stored for an unlimited time without inventory tax. An FTZ ultimately allows companies to decrease or eliminate costs on import/export duties and product processing fees.


  • Improved cash flow — duties and taxes are not payable until merchandise leaves the FTZ and is distributed within the United States commerce.
  • Foreign goods can be stored for an unlimited time period — enabling importers to hold goods until the next quota period or until the best price can be obtained in the U.S. market.
  • Re-exportation without import duty — products manufactured in the FTZ using foreign materials may be exported again without any import duty being assessed on the foreign materials.
  • No customs duties imposed on processing, testing, assembly, repackaging, inspecting and relabeling — all can be conducted within the FTZ and the product can be re-exported or destroyed without ever incurring customs duties.
  • Enhanced consumer convenience — customers can inspect and sample foreign goods before purchasing and paying duty. Refusal or repair of damaged goods can take place duty- and quota-free.
  • No quota restrictions.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness — relative to storage, security and delivery of goods.

Please contact us today to see how the Port of Montana's Foreign Trade Zone can help reduce your import/export costs.