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Efficiency of Rail

We recently ran across an excellent article that highlights the environmental efficiency of rail that we’d like to share. The New Mexico Transloading blog reminds us of the basics we sometimes forget, that in addition to being more economical than long haul trucking, rail shipping uses less fuel and helps reduce greenhouse emissions. The Port […]

Transloading for Montana Department of Transportation Highway Interchange Project

The Port of Montana was able to assist with the transload of pipe for the Helena MDT highway interchange project.  The pipe was shipped to the Port of Montana, and then kept in outside storage until the project was underway. Once the project was ready to take delivery of the pipe, it was loaded onto […]

Equipment Upgrade

As part of ongoing equipment upgrades, the Port recently replaced its smallest forklift with a new Hyster 6000 pound forklift.  This lift truck maneuvers well in tight spaces, making it ideal for loading and unloading truck vans.  The Port maintains a variety of equipment for distribution from conveyor belt, front end loader and dump truck […]