Port of Montana & Montana Connections Submit TIGER Grant Application

The Port and Montana Connections Park are excited about our TIGER Grant FY2015 application. The application is for a rail and infrastructure project which would cost a total of $17,052,000.  We are asking for grant funding of $11,882,967. The project consists of increasing rail capacity at the Port as well as creating rail served industrial sites.  The grant application divided the project into two phases each with independent utility if less funds are awarded.

The Port of Montana Phase would consist of construction of a 700 foot rail spur and extensive grading and paving improvements.  This portion of the project would cost $2,792,760. These improvements would alleviate rail congestion as well as improve safety of transloading with the upgrades to the site infrastructure.

The Montana Connections Rail Yard Phase would consist of building a new 24.2 acre rail yard with 14,000 lineal feet of rail including pavement and graveled layout areas, and provide rail served industrial sites.  It would also allow the Port of Montana to service unit trains, remove rail yard congestion, and allow expansion for new business.  This portion of the project would cost $14,259,240.

The Department of Transportation will be announcing the successful applicants this fall.  Hope to announce good news!!

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