Port of Montana celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Port of Montana recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in a shared celebration that included ribbon cuttings for SepticNET and Blacklock Block, the two newest manufacturers to locate in the Montana Connections Business Development Park.

Established in 1986, the Port of Montana is a 55 acre facility which was created to assist in economic development by expanding transportation options for businesses shipping through Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  The Port offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the lower cost of rail transport even if they are not located on a rail siding themselves.  It offers transload and storage services for a wide variety of commodities, including bulk liquids, fuels, dry bulk, pipe, steel, building materials and automobiles.

SepticNET and Blacklock Block have recently moved into a new 12,000 square foot building in Montana Connections park.  SepticNET holds 2 patents which involve decreasing nitrate levels in septic systems.  With their systems, nitrate levels can be reduced up to 99 percent.  Blacklock Block is a cement and paver manufacturing company which began operations in September.

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