Ductile Pipe Project

Pipe truck

Butte-Silver Bow government is in the process of updating water distribution lines.  They sent out an RFP for the materials which consist of 3000 pound sections of 36 inch diameter pipe.  The lowest bidder utilized the Port to rail, transload and deliver the 36 foot pipe.  Our customer was able to use this strategy to provide the lowest transportation cost on this project.

Pipe was railed into the Port over a four month period.  We coordinated with our customer, the local trucking company and Butte-Silver Bow to deliver the pipe on a schedule to meet everyone’s needs.  We also consolidated the transload and trucking invoices and customized the billing schedule to coordinate with the customer’s invoicing calendar.

The Port has a wide variety of equipment and storage spaces that allows us to provide services to customers with an extreme range of needs without the need to accrue additional equipment costs.  This allows us to keep our rates low.

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