Gearing up for Fertilizer Season

The Port is an ideal solution for seasonal commodities such as fertilizer.  By utilizing the Port’s facility, the producer is able to eliminate overhead costs while still providing high volume just in time delivery to regional growers during a short demand window.  Here’s how it works for current customers:

Each year as spring approaches fertilizer is shipped via rail to the Port, taking advantage of both the economic efficiencies of rail and the elimination of the need for additional storage at the production site.  The Port segregates different types of fertilizer in bays in the bulk warehouse.  Regional growers are then able to order exactly what they need directly from the producer and pick it up at the Port for just in time delivery to their fields.Fert bauer (2)

Additional car loads of product continue to arrive during the season to augment the stored product.  These cars can be transloaded directly into trucks as demand increases.

The Port has the ability to interface directly with the producers inventory system, providing crucial real time inventory updates as product is received and shipped.  The producer is able to closely monitor Port inventories on their own system at all times.

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