Distributing Service

The Port is located at the Junction of I15 and I90, making it an excellent location for regional distribution. Some commodities regularly distributed through our facility to multiple outlets include building materials, liquid road de-icer, fertilizer, fuel and automobiles. Products can be brought in on rail, on truck or on a combination of rail and trucks. It can be sent out on any sized truck. This allows customers to take advantage of the economies of rail transportation while still allowing their customers to order small quantities of a wide variety of products from diverse production sites.

Pick-N-Pack services are key for many customers. For example, a customer may bring in a carload of plywood, another car load of sheetrock, a pallet of nails and a truckload of studs. They can then ship out an order of a single unit of sheetrock, a box of nails, 4 units of studs and a unit of plywood. We can break down and repackage units as well, and send out as little as one piece of product at a time when necessary.

The Port provides timely notifications of product receipt and shipments to all customers. Physical inventory verification is provided monthly at a minimum.

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